Hemp Root and Grape Seed Infused Topical Oil (1 OZ/30 ML)


30 ML Fluid oz

CBD: 1.1mg CBD/ml

Grapeseed Oil

THC: <0.00%

Price per 1 bottle


Directions: Rub onto areas experiencing pain until absorbed

*Great for Headaches & Muscle/Joint Pain

( Forehead Neck Back Knees Feet )


Our hemp root and grape seed infused topical oil is made with the hemp we grew sustainably here in Washington State. Rich in CBD (cannabidiol), terpenes and other compounds our topical preparation has no THC and therefore isn’t at all intoxicating.

Grapeseed oil is light and doesn’t leave a sticky mess. In addition to hemp flower our preparation includes hemp root.


The root was used by Africans, ancient Romans, and the Chinese. Never smoked or eaten, it was used as a poultice. Additionally, modern research has begun to research the roots containment of friedelan and other compounds.

Its relaxing effect along is from the linalool and myrcene, two terpenes that naturally occur in hemp roots. Working together they help provide the relief you’re looking for.

We do long, slow infusions from new moon to full moon; which is 29.5 to 31 days.




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